FIFA 11 Game Review

By Chase Porter
Staff Writer
Graphic by Brian Hwu

FIFA 11 kicked off just days ago and allows people to play as their favorite soccer teams from around the world.

The sport of soccer is a global phenomenon, from European leagues to the World Cup every four years. However for many the game of soccer isn’t played on a grass field, but on a game console.

Federation International of Football Association (FIFA) has done it again incorporating with EA Sports to make the newest edition of the professional soccer game, FIFA 11. The games beginning started back in 1994 with the creation of FIFA International Soccer which was released on Mega Drive/ Geniuses. The game highlights the world’s best players and teams for every year and every World Cup.

“Watching the World Cup this summer has made me want to play the game (FIFA) even more,” CHS junior soccer player Michael Gordon said.

This year’s release of the game, FIFA 11, shows that the creators learned from their mistakes and improved the international soccer game.  The game gives gamers better control over the players and teams and also updated the controls.  These updates really make the game more like real life soccer.

The game series has always been known for recreating a real life soccer experience but EA Sports has really stepped it up by making soccer players known for speed, faster and players known for strength, stronger. Goalies have also been updated by making them vary in skill level.

Since the international soccer league is constantly moving around players, EA Sports does a good job of keeping up with the trades. They also do an exceptional job of updating the stadiums, uniforms and the environment during the games. This means that the gamer can pick a certain stadium from real life, and of course make it either raining, sunny, or the time of day to challenge the player control on the field. Also, new uniforms mean that the gamer can choose his or her favorite team from any league and play in their favorite uniforms.

“It’s really realistic because of the different quality of teams and players and my favorite team to play as is the Nigerian national team because their fast,” senior Brooks Middleton said.

The controls of the game were also improved and the new controls now increase the difficulty of the game. For example, the shoot button on the Xbox 360 controller is B and used to be a hold and shoot to make it go straight to the goal. Now, you have to tap or hold for power and aim with your joy stick to direct the ball to any spot on the goal. Many of the controls such as passing and sprinting have also been edited but the majority of the controls have been kept the same from the last edition of the game series, 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa.

The most anticipated aspect of the new game is the multiplayer online. EA will be keeping the one versus one mode but now up to 11 gamers can play online against 11 others to make full teams. Also, EA is bringing back manager’s mode which allows you to build a team by buying players and then playing in tournaments around the world.

“I’m excited for the new 11 on 11 online play but I don’t think it’s going to work very well because everyone is just going to be a ball hog,” junior Richard Curry said.

The only problems players have with the game are the lack of a third person view (playing from an over the shoulder point of view on the players) and the sporadic passing control. I enjoy playing with a full view of the field so I can see my other players easier, but I have really been anticipating a third person view of the players because I think that it would make the game that much closer to actual soccer.

Also, probably one of the most angering aspects of the game is when you are passing the ball around the field like a pro and all of the sudden you pass out of bounds or to the other team. The solution to this problem for many players is you really have to keep in mind that you have to hold A (on the Xbox 360 controller) to add power and aim with the joy stick. Or to make it that the problem never occurs, turn on the auto aim in options so that passes go directly to your other teammates but it does take away from the actual experience.

Ultimately, this is a game for fans of the series, football or soccer fans worldwide, and the gamer who wants to play something else besides shooting games. This game, even though it’s been around for a long time, gets better and better with each edition of the series. FIFA 11 new controls, new game modes, and favorite teams and players from around the leagues make this game truly the best soccer simulation yet.