Council declares October as Fire Prevention, Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Aliza Abidi

Coppell Mayor West Mays and representation of the Coppell’s Mar Thoma population hold the official certificate of approval for Oct. 11th to be recognized as “Bishop Dr. Theodosius Mar Thoma Day” at the Coppell City council meeting on Tuesday in Town Center. This year will be the first year Oct. 11 is a holy observance and will continue for years for the local community.

Tuesday’s Coppell City Council meeting began with the council’s approval of October being recognized as “Fire Prevention” month, representing Coppell firefighters and the dangers of house fires. 

The Coppell firefighters will work towards spreading awareness of lives lost through fire as well as their duties in Coppell to more than 1,500 students in preschool and elementary schools by providing shows that offer education in case of danger throughout October. 

“The 2022 Fire Prevention month theme is ‘Do not wait, plan your escape’ which effectively reminds us of the importance of having a home escape plan,” Coppell Mayor West Mays said. “Therefore, I proclaim the month of October 2022 is fire prevention month throughout the city and I urge all the people in Coppell to practice at home fire escape for fire prevention month 2022.”

To acknowledge the danger and the increasing number of breast cancer cases of all genders, October was unanimously declared “ Breast Cancer Awareness Month” by the Coppell City Council. 

Coppell City Council Brianna Hinojosa-Smith, as well as firefighters and citizens, talk about their personal experiences with Breast Cancer at the Coppell City Council meeting on Tuesday in Town Center. The council declared October as an acknowledgment of Breast Cancer and declared it “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” (Aliza Abidi)

Represented by priests and the Mar Thom population of Coppell, Bishop Dr. Theodosius Mar Thoma Day on Oct. 11 is officially a religious observance as it represents a holy day for The Mar Thoma Church, a Christian branch based in southwestern India.

The Citizen Survey Results presentation about Coppell citizens’ living experience, compared to the last survey in 2019.With statistics of an overall “Refer to a friend score” of 47, displaying that the majority of Coppell are satisfied with their living and are extremely likely to recommend it to others. With overall growth in living standards according to the 1,938  participants of the survey, the Council planned all changes and continuities needed to be made in the future.

The Consent Agenda considered the placement of big political signs, and its damage to electrical lines, disturbance to drivers and damage to the infrastructure near the Town Center. The council supported the recommendation to remove large signs that require drilling for safety measures. 

The election date is Nov. 8 for Coppell citizens to vote on the allocation of tax and sales paid on goods within Coppell. Early voting is Oct. 24 – Nov. 4. for Dallas and Denton Counties.

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