Changes incoming for CHS9’s clubs and 2022-23 schedule


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The Coppell Lions Club hosts an annual pancake breakfast at First United Methodist Church where Coppell residents can purchase raffle tickets and donate blood to Carter BloodCare. Coppell Leo Club volunteers participate in charity events outside of school campuses year round. File photo by Angelina Liu

This year’s schedule at CHS9 replaced the previous A/B hour block lunches with 35-minute A/B/C lunch blocks.

Meetings have been completely removed from lunch blocks. Returning clubs that previously hosted meetings during hour block lunch have made modifications to their meeting schedules.

“We’re now having our meetings before or after school, which can cause frustrations,” English 1 Honors and Leo Club sponsor Christopher Arney said. “Freshmen often have tightly packed schedules with extracurriculars, such as athletics practices, fine arts classes or homework that make it difficult for them to engage in clubs at school.”

This change might lead to an increase in off-campus club participation, as there isn’t enough availability within school hours to schedule volunteer projects. 

“There are a lot of students that might want to be involved in clubs but might not be able to because they have another extracurricular happening right after school,” Arney said. “We still find ways to include them and make sure they’re up to date on all of the events.”  

The three largest clubs at CHS9 this year, in terms of size, are student council, Leo Club, and Drama Club.

Leo club will incorporate three existing service clubs into one. The Eco Club and gardening club have been merged under the Leo Club to specialize in their respective operations.

The community service committee is the main section of the club, which focuses on serving the community through volunteering projects and food drives.

The CHS9 Leo Club has been modified to focus on three divisions of service: community service, Eco Club and Gardening Club. All club meetings this year will be held either before or after school. (Sruthi Lingam)

The Eco Club committee is in charge of helping the community through ecological projects, such as volunteering at nature preserves and conducting trash clean-ups.

Lastly, the gardening club is responsible for maintaining the gardens on the CHS9 campus.

The most noticeable change in the 2022-23 school year schedule for CHS9 is the 20-minute extension of third and seventh period.

New changes for clubs are currently underway, as teacher sponsors plan the remainder of the year’s club activities.

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