Being a Silver Spur

Chase Porter

Staff Writer

Being a Silver Spur is one of the most exciting and exhausting experiences of my life. Being a Spur makes you endure large amounts of pain because of all the running and pushups but at the same time it’s just fun to be apart of the event.

Games like tonight are probably the most painful because of the lack of competition and numerous amounts of touchdowns on our side. This means we have to run the flags the length of the filed and then do however many pushups are required. I’ll admit most of the time I resort to fake pushups but thats only because I’m out of shape.

The fun parts of being a spur for Coppell High School is just doing crazy stuff at pep rally’s and of course during the games. An example of this was the dance that we performed today at the homecoming pep rally. Even though we may have looked like pro’s we only practiced the dance for about two days. This may show that there is not a lot of dedication to the Spurs as a squad but in reality we meet regularly and must participate in everything that we are required for.

Now, if you would like to become a Silver Spur try out at the end of this year. All you really need is school spirit and a pair of Spurs. Also be prepared to do something crazy and try not to lose your voice to quick because then you have to resort to the fake cheer, sorry, I admit to that too.