CHS checks out upcoming concerts and small-time venues

 Maddie Walters and Monica Moran

Staff Writer and KCBY Member

Although it is often overlooked, Dallas and its surrounding area is swarming with local venues playing local and not-so-local bands on a daily basis.

Thanks to my handy-dandy local concerts app which I recently downloaded onto my iPhone, I have become increasingly aware of the concerts I could and should be attending, especially in the upcoming months.

For example, on May 24, indie lovers all over the Metroplex will unite to attend the Of Montreal concert that will take place at the famous Granada Theater.  Junior Jack Ficklen is one of the many fans who will be cheering as the five-some from Georgia takes the stage Monday night.

“The Granada is the best [venue],” Ficklen said.

One of the untold and interesting things about this venue is its historic value. Located on Greenville Avenue, the theater has been open since 1946 and still hosts a majority of its original art, deco murals and crown molding. While the architecture is hardly the best part of the Granada, it certainly adds to its unique charm.  

“[The Granada] just feels homey,” sophomore Emily Hazlehurst said.

Another interesting venue in Dallas is The Door, which replaced the Gypsy Tea Room almost five years ago. The Door has been active in Deep Ellum for the past 12 years and continues to feature Metroplex artists, such as CHS student band The Brighter, formerly For The Record whose members are Thomas Ratcliff,

                Perhaps the best feature of The Door is its ‘all ages’ mandate on all of its concerts and CD releases which allows young students to begin their own musical journey and immerse themselves in the musical culture that thrives on an often low-key basis all around Dallas, as I did my freshman year. The Door also creates interest in Deep Ellum, the renovated warehouse district renowned for its eclectic occupants and ‘Greenwich Village’ feel.

                Another upcoming concert sure to be swarming with indie kiddos is MGMT, often referred to as Management, who will be performing June 8 at the House of Blues in Dallas. This dynamic synth-pop band created waves in the music industry with their first album, Oracular Spectacular, which was released in the fall of 2007.

Since then the members, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, have been promoting their 2007 release and constructing their newest album, Congratulations, which came out in April. The album has received positive reviews since its release and the concert is sure to create a positive feeling for the band in the Metroplex.

One other venue worth visiting in the Metroplex is Palladium Ballroom located near the Dallas Convention Center. The Ballroom features a variety of artists including the ultra famous such as Drake and Cobra Starship and low-key indie bands such as The Silversun Pickups. All of its upcoming shows can be found on their calendar, which is easily accessed through their user-friendly Web site.

If you’re not up to making the journey out to Dallas however, take Interstate 35 north to Denton and check out Hailey’s Club, one of the premiere live music venues in North Texas. In 2004 Hailey’s won the “Best of Dallas” award for the best live music venue thanks to their attention to detail, especially when it comes to the bands that they host.  

Not unlike the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues, Hailey’s offers music fans a personal, up-close experience with performing artists. Although Hailey’s doesn’t tend to host anyone from America’s Top 40, the amount of underground indie bands who perform there more than make up for the lack of “trendy” music. Also, Denton’s well-respected up-and coming music scene means that excellent local bands also perform at Hailey’s from time to time.

So there you have it CHS. While Coppell can be rather dull during the summer, I encourage you to break out of the city limits and explore some new concert venues that are sure to rock your world.

For any information on the venues you’ve read about, click their names to link to their websites: The Granada Theater, The Door, House of Blues and Hailey’s.

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