NBA playoffs begin, Mavericks play Spurs first round

By Gaby Moran
Staff Writer

As the NBA season came to an end the week of April 12, all teams prepare for first round of playoffs this coming weekend.

The Dallas Mavericks, No. 2 ranked team in the west, play the San Antonio Spurs, No. 7 ranked team, on Wednesday April 18 and Monday April 21 at home and Friday April 23 and Sunday April 25 at San Antonio arena. These four games will be played automatically, since a team needs four out of seven wins to move on to the next round. If more games are needed, then they will be scheduled later on.

Mavericks should pass second round easily since their record with the Spurs is 3-1 overall this year with three wins in a row and the one loss at the very beginning of the season.

Once moving passed the Spurs, Mavericks could have a possible match up with either the Pheonix Suns or the Portland Trailblazers, but most likely it will be the Suns.

Tune in to TNT on Sunday night to watch the Mavericks start the playoffs.