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The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

The official student news site of Coppell High School

Coppell Student Media

SPUR inspires students to get organized

February 27, 2013

By Kristen Shepard Staff Writer Students at Coppell High School noticed the shortened class periods and late lunches, knowing this could only mean one thing: SPUR. Today's SPUR focused on organization...

Fourth SPUR tomorrow

January 29, 2013

By Shannon Wilkinson Staff Writer On Wednesday Jan. 30th, all Coppell High School classes will be led in their fourth SPUR of the year in their fourth period classes. SPUR begins at 10:53 a.m. and...

SPUR impacts students

November 29, 2012

The school was on a shortened schedule yesterday for SPUR (Supporting Peers and Utilizing Relationships). While most students usually approach it with a groan, this SPUR topic received a different reaction. This...

SPUR aims for another successful year

September 26, 2012

By Jordan Bickham Staff Writer Today marks the beginning of another year for the Supporting Peers and Utilizing Relationships Program, more commonly known as SPUR. In previous years, the SPUR program...

Final SPUR canceled

May 17, 2012

By Dyer Whitt Staff Writer Coppell High School's SPUR program is to be shut down early this year due to an insane amount of schedule changes and lack of class time overall. With exams going on next...

SPUR expected to be great success for students

September 28, 2011

Jordan Bickham Staff Writer This past year, an interesting new way to learn about and understand difficult issues was introduced in what we call SPUR. SPUR is a student-run learning system that...

SPUR: will it be better than last year’s?

September 28, 2011

All students moan and groan when we find out it is SPUR day. We say that its boring, stupid, an a waste of our time.We tend to dread on sitting in our 4th period class with unenthusiastic instructors talking...

SPUR applications due tomorrow

April 25, 2011

Laura Kattilakoski Staff Writer Did you not like SPUR classes this year? If you feel like you have the potential to improve SPUR for next year, the last chance to turn in applications for the SPUR...

SPUR ends year on high note

April 15, 2011

Coleman Armes Staff Writer SPUR, or Supporting Peers and Utilizing Relationships, ended the year on a high note. Today's SPUR focussed on Shattered Dreams showing the video used during the program...

Team Up for St. Jude’s Campaign to Take Place Friday

February 14, 2011

Beth Anne Carroll Staff Writer Every now and then, teenagers have the chance to contribute to a cause much bigger than themselves. Students of Coppell High School will have that opportunity this...

CHS students honor Veterans Day by writing letters

November 11, 2010

by Divya Kumar News Editor In order to honor veterans for Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11, Coppell High School has promoted the "Write A Letter to A Hero" for the entirety of the week from November...

CHS to hold third SPUR session Friday

November 10, 2010

Zeb White Assistant Business Manager Coppell High School will be holding its third SPUR meeting this Friday right before 4th period. SPUR, which stands for Supporting Peers and Utilizing Relationships,...

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