SPUR inspires students to get organized

By Kristen Shepard
Staff Writer

Students at Coppell High School noticed the shortened class periods and late lunches, knowing this could only mean one thing: SPUR. Today’s SPUR focused on organization and managing a busy schedule.

Disorganization can complicate students busy lives even more. When a student can not keep track of the things they need to get done, it can slow down their productivity. This SPUR went even deeper, asking students to evaluate the cleanliness of their rooms. Even a messy room can have serious effects on a student.

This SPUR concluded with several helpful tips to assist students in getting organized. To start, students can write down all of their tasks in a neat agenda. By referencing a list, students can prevent mindless forgetting.

Another useful tip offered was to accomplish the smaller tasks immediately. By avoiding procrastination on the small things, more time is left to work on more daunting tasks. Tips for organization are all over the place, here are 20 more to help you get your life on track.