Opinion: Coppell athletes modifying fitness regimens to adapt to COVID-19


Sneha Sash

Coppell senior midfielder Jojo Alonzo participates in soccer practice on Tuesday in the CHS Field House. Despite COVID-19, athletes are continuing to play sports with adjusted fitness habits.

Varshitha Korrapolu, Staff Writer

The competition, the indomitable spirit, the exhilarating feelings rushing through their bodies.  

These are just a few of the reasons why Coppell athletes portray persistence and will not let anything, not even a global pandemic, hinder their raging thirst to play sports. 

COVID-19 has been harsh to Coppell athletes. Spring seasons were canceled, and many lost a chance to showcase their talents. Nevertheless, Coppell sophomore midfielder Preston Taylor has adapted his rigorous fitness routine to satisfy his innate love for soccer and be ahead of the rest.

“During these times of quarantine and such, many people are stuck at home, not being able to go really anywhere,” Taylor said. “However, despite these times, [other soccer players] will get back eventually, so I must be ready and in shape ahead of anyone who is choosing to take quarantine as a time to be lazier.”

Athletes have not been going to facilities such as gyms to workout due to potential exposure to COVID-19. Instead, they have found safe and creative ways to stay in shape. With a soccer ball and a little bit of space, Taylor has been relentless in his game. Even during these crazy, unprecedented times, one thing has remained the same – an excellent mindset. 

“[Something that has remained the same about the way I practice is] my work ethic,” Taylor said. “My hunger for wanting to get better and my hunger for wanting to get back on the field. I can’t let anything impede the way I work or else I won’t be getting as good as I strive to be.”  

When practicing at Coppell High School, coaches have implemented strict rules for athletes to follow. According to Coppell senior setter Mari Taira, social distancing is practiced in the weight room, and volleyball players are required to wash equipment before switching stations. Although volleyball players are still able to do exercises such as bench press, back squats, and vertimax, they must practice social distancing. Volleyball players are not able to do exercises that require heavy weights and progressive load exercises since they require a person standing near another person less than six feet apart.  

Furthermore, athletes are required to wear masks when they are not engaging in intense athletic activity. Sports do not look the same as they have in the past but mask or no mask, the desire to be successful remains the same. 

“Other than the drills that we do, our determination to win is the same,” Taira said. “We have a bunch of extra procedures for COVID-19, but once we get on the court, it’s like normal. We practice with the same intensity as always and are able to have fun.”  

Through the years they have played together, Coppell athletes have created bonds and made unforgettable memories with other teammates. A difference in circumstances has not changed the passion, exhilaration and determination to succeed. Regardless of the restrictions and modifications enforced due to COVID-19, Coppell senior midfielder Jojo Alonzo aspires to play her favorite game with her favorite people. 

“I’m really looking forward to getting back on the field with the girls and just competing at a high level,” Alonzo said. “I really miss my friends playing and just the game in general.”  

Even a global pandemic cannot inhibit Coppell athletes from leaving the field or the court. They continue to demonstrate focus, determination, and growth despite these unprecedented times. The competition, the indomitable spirit, the exhilarating rushing through their bodies will always remain the same. 

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