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Peach crumble to savor on rainy days (with video)

Tracy Tran, Photo Assignment Editor April 9, 2021

Has spring brought rainy days to the neighborhood that keep you from going outside? Staying inside can be fun when you bake peach crumble. With a spoon of this sweet, warm dessert while sitting next to...

Cookie dough bites are edible cookie dough hearts coated in chocolate. These heart-shaped treats are the perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day.

Bite into Valentine’s Day with edible cookie dough

Trisha Atluri, Advertising/Circulation Manager January 21, 2021

Whether you are making food for a friend, family or significant other, sweets are the perfect way to someone’s heart. This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love by whipping up personalized heart-shaped...

Move over pumpkin spice (with video)

Neveah Jones and Kyah Jones December 4, 2020

Christmas sweaters and presents start to crowd under the Christmas tree, and peppermint and eggnog smells fill the air. Gather your family and friends for these homemade soft and chewy gingerbread cookies,...

Video: Three Coffee Shop Confections

December 3, 2020

Missing cuddling up in the corner of a local coffee shop with your favorite book? These three coffee shop inspired treats will take you back to your favorite cafe. Get ready for a kitchen smelling of coffee...

Pumpkin spice boba milk tea adds a fall twist on traditional milk tea. This iced creamy delicious drink can be enjoyed with family over the holidays and will not disappoint.

Boba, say hello to pumpkin spice

Angelina Liu, Staff Writer October 28, 2020

Boba milk tea is a delicious drink originating from Taiwan made from sweetened tapioca pearls added to traditional milk tea. It has increased in popularity in the Western Hemisphere in the last few years,...

American apple pie is a fall staple for your kitchen. This hearty pie will make your season a happy one. Photo by Blanche Harris

American as apple pie

Blanche Harris, Social Media Manager October 22, 2020

Holiday season is just around the corner—aromatic spices, warm hearty food and family with it.  This homemade apple pie recipe is the perfect fall dessert to eat while sitting back and enjoying the...

Taiwanese pineapple cakes are made with fresh pineapple for a juicy and natural taste. These tangy bites are sure to provide the taste of Taiwan.

#TracyTravelsFromHome: Visiting Taiwan in one flavorful bite

Tracy Tran, Photo Assignment Editor September 14, 2020

#TracyTravelsFromHome is a series of recipes from The Sidekick photo assignment editor Tracy Tran, who shares her secrets to travel anywhere from her own kitchen. Around the world, people are traveling...

This easy soup noodle dish offers a warm spice on a cozy-night in. The most technical step of the entire meal is simply combining all the ingredients in a bowl, but this simple recipe brings the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine wherever you are.

Tasting comforts of home food

Various Writers May 2, 2020

As families across the nation remain at home while social distancing and isolating, we turn away from takeout and restaurant food and look toward the stovetops and cabinets staple of kitchens, rusted from...

This easy roasted cauliflower requires just five ingredients and is surprisingly easy to make. Switch out the spices to further customize the flavor.

Beat social distancing boredom with these healthy vegan recipes

Neha Desaraju, Student Life Editor April 3, 2020

Staying at home can either be dreadfully boring or delightfully delicious. If you want the latter, there is an easy solution—yummy, vegan food to make in the comfort of your home that will taste like...

Valentine’s Day sweets are a great addition to any meal or gift. These tasty chocolate covered strawberries are a key to making someone’s holiday extra special.

Cooking with Christie: Recipe 2

Christie Hernandez, Videographer February 15, 2020

 With the hassle that comes with planning a day filled with romance and passion, nothing says “love” like preparing easy, homemade desserts for you and your partner.   As the season of...

Nothing says comfort food like a hot meal packed with carbohydrates. This pesto pasta and garlic bread will satisfy all your cravings.

Take control over Valentine’s Day gloom by cooking

Yash Ravula, Staff writer February 7, 2020

Valentine’s  Day can be either the best or the worst holiday of a person’s life. You are either on a romantic date with your significant other, or you are curled up on your bed binge-watching Netflix....

Turmeric mint is a classic tea recipe for when you are sick. The strong flavor from tumeric and coolness from mint will help relieve your sore throat and other gastrointestinal ailments

Beat the winter months with these soothing tea recipes

Yash Ravula, Staff Writer/ Videographer November 14, 2019

It is that wonderful time of the year. You are either enjoying a good pumpkin spice lattes in aesthetic cafes or you are coming down with a cold. Here are some soothing tea recipes that will help you take...

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