Tennis returns to courts in district action


Sally Parampottil

Coppell junior Cason Cole backhands during his doubles match at the CHS Tennis Center on Friday. The Coppell tennis team hosts Marcus today at 4 p.m. at the CHS Tennis Center.

Akhila Gunturu, CHS9 Editor

Today at 4 p.m., Coppell tennis plays Marcus at the CHS Tennis Center. 

Following a loss against Plano West on Friday and wins against Tyler Legacy on Saturday and Plano Senior on Tuesday, the Coppell tennis team has had a solid start to the season. 

“[The season so far] has been pretty good,” Coppell senior Sonia Bhattacharyya said. “We’ve had a couple of losses, but most of that is just because we’re just getting started with the season. But we’re starting to get better and better after every match.”

Friday’s match with Plano West, who was the 2019 Class 6A state runner-up team, ended in a 13-6 loss for Coppell, with matches falling through for the singles. Tiebreaker matches and navigating through stressful situations in particular were tough. 

“Some of the games, I would play too safe and it would make me lose some points where I didn’t really need to,” Bhattacharyya said. “For the [match against Marcus], just keeping a positive mindset and just never falling down my game because another person is playing well [is important].” 

In addition to the win against Tyler Legacy on Saturday, the match against Plano Senior  last Tuesday marked Coppell’s first District 6-6A win at 16-3. The girls division won all matches. 

“[For the match against Marcus], one of the biggest things is Coppell needs to not be scared,” Bhattacharyya said. “Everyone on our team is really good, and if we just play how we play in practice we’ll be able to win really easily. It’s really all about having a positive mindset.” 

The match will be broadcast on the Coppell Athletics webpage.


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