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COVID-19 sending several films from big screen to streaming services


Yasemin Ragland

COVID-19 has forced several movie production companies to adjust their release timelines. Disney’s Mulan’s March 27 scheduled release in the United States has been delayed because of coronavirus.

Yasemin Ragland, Staff Writer

Since the coronavirus pandemic, we have not been able to go to the movies or other crowded public places.

Disney – Pixar’s Onward was in theaters for about two weeks, having been released on March 6. And it can be bought digitally in the United States for $19.99 before going on Disney Plus starting on April 3. I haven’t even seen Onward yet because of coronavirus, as I really wanted to see it in theaters. 

For now, Onward is available on YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and Google Play Movies. Other movies such Universal’s The Invisible Man, The Hunt, and Emma, Just Mercy, Columbia Pictures’s Bloodshot, and the DC Extended Universe’s Birds Of Prey are also available to buy and stream digitally. 

Recently, Dreamworks Animation announced that its latest upcoming movie, Trolls World Tour, isl skipping theaters and going digital on its planned release date, which is April 10, which theaters were very unhappy about.

Frozen 2 released earlier than its scheduled release on Disney Plus on March 15, which I was very happy about. My family got to enjoy Olaf and all of his comedy and Bruni the salamander ‘s adorableness (if that’s even a word) again. 

While some movies are going straight to digital others are being pushed back like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Black Widow, originally scheduled for April 24 release but pushed back to May 1.

And then there’s Mulan, scheduled for a March 27 release. By the looks of it, Mulan is being held back instead of going straight to Disney Plus. But I think Disney should entertain its target audience for Mulan (teenagers), as it is Disney’s first live action reboot of a classic that’s PG-13 while we’re in self isolation and drop Mulan on Disney Plus. With social distancing, Mulan is either going to be held back until COVID-19 is over, or going straight to Disney Plus so we can watch it in the safety of our homes. 

Either way I can’t wait to watch Mulan. It is currently unknown when and where the next live action Disney reboots after Mulan will be released. The next was planned to be The Little Mermaid, but sadly the entire set was abandoned because of COVID-19.