Last minute NHS hours still available

By Loren Hughes

Staff Writer

As the end of the year comes to a close, National Honor Society members find themselves scrambling to finish their last minute required group and individual community service hours. Well, not to worry, because there are still many places that are available, even for group hours.

A few excellent places to get individual hours are the Coppell Community Gardens (which offers double hours), Coppell Teen Court (which also offers double hours), Petsmart and the Coppell Public Library. If you wish to volunteer at the Coppell Community Gardens and Teen Court, all you must do is figure out the dates they are available and go there, without any prior training or notification. In order to volunteer at Petsmart and the Coppell Public Library, you must notify them ahead of time if you wish to volunteer there.

If you are in need of group hours (which are much harder to find and obtain than individual hours), you are in luck, because Christian Community Action (CCA) and Hearthstone Assisted Living are both in need of volunteers. Since these places are both open to everyone, they can be counted as group hours. If you are planning to volunteer at the CCA Resale store in Lewisville, then you do not need to tell them ahead of time of your arrival, but notice is required to volunteer at Hearthstone.

Remember, hours are due before the year is over, which is just around the corner. Sophomores need five group hours and 10 individual hours. Juniors need 10 group hours and 10 individual hours, and seniors need 15 group hours and 10 individual hours. Also, remember that extra group hours can roll over  into individual hours, but not the other way around.

To learn more about obtaining group hours at CCA and Hearthstone, click here and here.