CISD closing in response to Coronavirus


Shravya Mahesh

Coppell ISD will be closed to students through the end of next week as a precaution to the spreading COVID-19. After this period, the district will communicate with families about further action and updates regarding upcoming events and future school dates.

Karen Lu, Daily News/Assignment Editor

Today, Coppell ISD announced it will be closed for students through March 20.

This closure is in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in the community as travelers return to Coppell throughout spring break. Currently, there are no confirmed or presumptive cases of the Coronavirus in the CISD community.

“This closure was not announced as an extended break, and that’s a really important distinction,” CISD Board of Trustees member Tracy Fisher said. “It’s a one week closing of school. To extend a break says, ‘Stay on your vacation. Go to the mall.’ This is much different. The announcement was made for people to stick around at home and not be around the public.”

With possibility of a longer closure, online and alternative curriculum along with an extension of the school year into the summer are potential outcomes.

“The Texas Education Agency commissioner [Mike Morath] is calling a lot of the shots with respects to STAAR testing and funding and how we’re going to figure all that out,” Fisher said. “All the leadership in our district have been working diligently over the break to stay in touch and understand what’s going on and make the right decision for our community.”

During this closure, all district events and competitions for students are postponed or cancelled, along with any events outside the district with travel.

For any thoughts and concerns, CISD has set up [email protected] to collect any feedback from the community.

Alongside the district emails sent to students and their parents, CISD has also created a dedicated website to provide the most current and accurate information for the district regarding the Coronavirus.

“I really encourage people to go to the CISD website for the latest [information],” Fisher said. “There are people in our community who don’t get parent emails because they don’t have children, but they may be grandparents or neighbors. They may want to know what’s going on, so I just encourage everyone to keep in contact with the CISD website for the latest information.”

During this closure, CISD encourages individuals to avoid highly public and crowded events and limit interactions with others as forms of preventative measures, along with others provided by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

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UPDATE – CISD is closed through April 3. Online classes begin March 23.