Computer crash sparks registration rush

Mary Whitfill

Staff Writer

On Wednesday morning, the online registration for the Sustainability Expo on April 30 crashed, deleting the schedules of students who registered for sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

Students were asked to follow the directions posted on their Blackboard to register for the presentations they will attend on the afternoon following TAKS testing.  Students were racing to the Web site to register for classes with friends. If a student fails to sign up by beginning of next week they will be given a computer generated schedule.

“Me and my best friend were signed up for the cloth bag presentation, the one where you make scarf’s for soldiers, and one where you make environmentally friendly lip balm,” sophomore Whitney Pickett said.  “I tried to sign us up for those again after the crash, but they were full. I am now signed up for classes I’m not really interested in. It isn’t fair that I was punished for signing up early.”

Students started registering again Wednesday but classes are filling up quickly. Certain classes have as little as six spots left, and many have no availability at all.

Sponsors and AP Environmental Science students are at a loss as to what caused the network crash.

“It was completely out of our hands,” AP Environmental Science teacher Holly Anderson said. “It was a network issue and all of the data was lost because it wasn’t backed up. The program works, we just have to restart because of the data loss.”

Student may click here or go to and sign in using their CISD passwords and login to register for events. Attendance will be taken at all presentations and students will be counted truant if they are not present.