Coppell students wear blue in honor of Taylor Storch

by Divya Kumar
News Editor

In memory of thirteen year old Taylor Storch, eighth grader at Coppell Middle School East, students around the Coppell school district are wearing blue today. Due to the fact that today is Taylor’s birthday, a series of occurences are set to take place in order to honor her.

Beyond just the blue shirts, today is also the unveiling of the organization that Taylor’s father, Todd Storch, and family friend, Jeremy Lipsey, have put together – Taylor’s Gift. The organization was created in order to honor Taylor, who’s organ’s helped to save the lives of six people, while spreading awareness about organ donation and launched today, in honor of Taylor’s birthday.

Similarly, construction on “Taylor’s Tree”, a memorial built in the student garden of Coppell Middle School East, is coming to an end. This memorial will feature a plaque in memory of Taylor along with a tree in the center of it to honor her. Photos for the construction of the area are posted on the Facebook group.

One of the ultimate goals of this whole organization is also to get the memory of Taylor to be featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show, a dream that Taylor had written about in a poem. In order to promote this cause, either spreading awareness about the Taylor’s Gift organization, buying Taylor T-shirts (also featured on the Facebook group) or talking out about organ donation would be beneficial.

Though Taylor’s warm spirit will be missed, the impact that she has left upon the community will cause her to be forever remembered.