Stricker twins tackling sports, ministry, family


Sydney Rowe

Coppell juniors kicker Skyler Stricker (No. 37) and defensive back Zach Stricker (No. 4) watch with senior kicker Andrew Espindola (No. 26) from the sidelines during Coppell’s first home district game against Hebron on Oct. 5. The brothers are both deeply involved in their respective sports but also make time for student ministries and family.

Anthony Cesario, Editor-in-Chief

As twins on the Coppell varsity football team, Coppell High School juniors Zach and Skyler Stricker know the dedication required on the field. But through the numerous other activities in which they are involved, they have also learned the importance of working together off the field.

Like his brother, Zach also played soccer as a child, but was always told he was too aggressive. After people suggested he try football, he joined flag football in second grade and tackle football in third grade, and has not stopped since. Now, Zach plays safety and long snapper for Coppell – and is also a captain on the team.

“I try to take charge of the team, lead them and be a good example for them,” Zach said. “Just to have people look up to you [has been a challenge and a reward]. The group of guys on our team is [also] super fun this year, so [I enjoy] the fellowships I’m making with those guys.”

Zach also runs the 100-meter and 200-meter events for Coppell track and field. Family members have described Zach as a natural leader, confident and driven.

“Zach’s best trait is perseverance,” Skyler said. “He works really hard, and if he can’t accomplish something, he just keeps working for it so he can accomplish it. I’ve seen that in him, which helps me do the same thing. So if I’m struggling with something, I will persevere through it, and seeing that through him helps me a ton.”

Skyler is a kicker for Coppell. In addition, he is a captain and right back for Solar Soccer Club in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy and last year, his team won the Development Academy national championship. Skyler enjoys soccer because it is a sport that provides him with more creativity, but both twins also appreciate the opportunity to play football with each other.

“[We] are good friends, so it’s like having someone you can always trust,” Zach said. “[Skyler] always has my back no matter what. He’s really good at soccer, so it just pushes me to be better. I want to be just as good at football as he is at soccer.”

As Zach and Skyler’s mother, Amanda Stricker has been able to see them grow over the years. Now, since they are both on the varsity team, she enjoys that they have an opportunity to play and create memories together.

“I get to have my own boys take the field in the CHS uniform, and I have to be honest, I just love it,” Mrs. Stricker said. “It’s amazing. We get to see them on the field together for friday night lights and get pictures afterwards. I’m soaking up every minute of it.”

I don’t want to be the guy that someone looks at and says, ‘He does bad things, don’t follow him.’ I want to be the guy who someone looks at and says, ‘Go follow him, he does good things, he’s a solid man and knows what to do.”

— Skyler Stricker

Because Zach and Skyler primarily play two different sports, they have been able to be less competitive and more encouraging to each other, which is useful for when they do play together in football.

“They both push each other to become better [people] on and off the field,” Zach and Skyler’s sister, CHS9 student and volleyball player Allie Stricker said. “[They are] such hard workers. I just look up to them. I want to work as hard as they do, get good grades like they do and just be a good person like they are.”

In addition to playing sports, Zach and Skyler attend The Door Church and are also involved in student ministries, such as Young Life and Act Like Men-Coppell, an organization that gives high school-aged kids adult leaders and role models to help them through difficult times.

“Student ministries is a huge part of my life,” Skyler said. “My goal in high school is to be a light for the Lord for other people. It’s helped me to be a captain on my team, not just a player, and through that, I can lead as a good example. I have a lot to stand for and I don’t want to be the guy that someone looks at and says, ‘He does bad things, don’t follow him.’ I want to be the guy who someone looks at and says, ‘Go follow him, he does good things, he’s a solid man and knows what to do.’”

Despite Zach and Skyler’s busy schedule, they are always sure to make time for family.

“A big thing for me is family,” Skyler said. “It’s really important to hang out with them at night, after school, play games with them, whatever it is. Just hang out with your family because they’re a big part of your life.”

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