Macbooks, brunch and bingo: Cheerleaders host night of fun, games featuring impressive prizes


Camila Flores Sanchez

Coppell High School juniors Makaylie Montague, Kate Baird and Zoey Darkoch hand in their remaining Cheer Clinic Flyers to Nikki Darkoch (left) during the Cheer Bingo fundraiser on Friday. Cheer Bingo was held in the commons and is the CHS cheerleading team’s biggest annual fundraiser.

Pramika Kadari and Camila Flores Sanchez

At 7:30 a.m. Friday, Coppell cheer coach Alexis Irons arrived at Coppell High School, starting to unload decorations, prizes and refreshments from her car. A long day of preparation awaited her for the cheerleading team’s annual Cheer Bingo. 

The event, which is now a 20-year-old tradition, is the cheerleading team’s biggest fundraiser. It helps pay for upgraded uniforms, new poms and competition fees, along with many other expenses.

“[Cheer bingo] is very unique, it’s cheer’s thing,” Irons said. “It’s not something any other organization does, so when people think of Bingo, they think of cheer. The younger members in the community really enjoy it, too.”

Winners of the biggest raffle received a Macbook Air or an Apple Watch in exchange for a $5 raffle ticket. But there were numerous smaller raffles as well, with prizes ranging from beauty packages to a “brunch with Brad” deal – referring to CISD Superintendent Brad Hunt. 

Many cheerleaders and their parents helped organize the event.

“It’s a huge, huge process,” Irons said. “It takes a lot to set it all up and tear it all down.”

Most of the attendees were families with young children, as many young girls, especially those interested in cheerleading, enjoyed seeing the team in uniform.

“I enjoy that it’s a community event, and that we get to interact with our community and younger kids instead of just high schoolers,” CHS senior cheerleader Makaylie Montague said. 

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