Speech students prepare ads for “executives”

Last week, students in Bruce Hermans’ speech class created advertisements which would be presented to “executives” from companies. Students were allowed to make a commercial, magazine ad or radio commercial. The finished product would be shown to Hermans and students posing as the executives.

The project follows mock interviewing of students two weeks ago, aimed to help prepare them for potential future interviews. Each group had a leader which selected members that would be in their group.  Most groups prepared an ad or a commercial and were given suggestions on what to correct in the ad.

“The project really helped to prepare us for the real world and gives us experience we might need if we’re ever in situations like that,” sophomore Miles Pittman said.

Students are graded on how well they presented the project as well as their preparation. The project’s goal is to get students to utilize their leadership skills, problem solving skills and to promote students to work well in a small group.