My favorite time of year -crawfish season

by Ashley Attanucci
Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again! Yes, it’s spring, but more importanty the catch is in with one of the South’s most prized critters, the crawdaddy. Also called crayfish, this crustacean’s season started late February this year for big bucks and they are now available all over Dallas for the remainder of the season, for lower prices of course. I wanted to share some great places to “pinch the tail and suck the head” this month.

First and foremost is Razzoo’s, where I’ve been getting my fix for years. You can get heavily seasoned (and meaty)cajun crawfish for $4.49 a pound until 7 ‘o clock during Mondays through Fridays (it’s their happy hour) or $5.49 any other time. Great food (great food), great service and a great atmosphere. Or you can pick up your order for a wait of usually 15 minutes, the exact time it takes for me to put my shoes on and drive on over. Razzoo’s has two close locations, one at Market Place in Irving (1414 Market Place Blvd. Call 972-373-9400 for carry out) and one off of Stemmons Freeway in Lewisville (1990 S Stemmons Freeway, call 972-316-0326). Check out the rest of their menu here.

Also a good place to get fresh boiled crawfish -Pappadeaux. Their seasoning is quite different from what I’m used to at Razzoo’s but nonetheless delicious. Their closest location is at Northwest Highway and I-35 (10428 Lombardy Ln.). Crawfish normally go for $6.95 (per pound) but only $3.95 all Monday and Tuesday. Check here for more locations.