CHS students join fight against texting while driving

Frances Ruiz
Staff Writer/Photographer

Jumping over a curb, swerving into an adjacent lane, or rear ending the car in front of you. No doubt accidents and mistakes like these have happened to all of us, but  how many can be attributed to texting while driving?

As teenagers, we live and breath by Dostoyevsky’s “superman theory”. We stay out all hours because there is nothing and no one out there that can harm us. We speed down the streets of Denton Tap and MacArthur because we can handle anything that may suddenly come our way. We text and talk on the phone while driving because we are capable of handling both.

Truth is: we aren’t above anyone in our limitations and abilities, especially when it comes to using a cell phone while we drive. So it only makes sense that CHS faulty and students have taken a stance against the issue by selling shirts dedicated to the cause and promising not to practice such behavior.

I’m not sure how the outcome will be as we practically eat, sleep, and breath with our phones, but I have high hopes for myself and for my peers. I admit that I occasionally text a friend or answer the phone when on the road, but with our entire school tackling such a deadly problem, I’m making an effort to become a part of a greater cause and stop using my phone while I drive.