Engler dances his way into lead role


Laura Amador-Toro

Coppell High School seniors Barrett Engler and Grayson McGovern prepare to sing “Teddy Bear/Hound Dog” for student pep rally on Sep. 14 as an advance of the school’s musical. This year’s musical will be All Shook Up, that uses Elvis Presley’s songs.

Camila Villarreal, Staff Writer

As the Coppell High School theater department gets ready for its next musical “All Shook Up”, senior Barrett Engler prepares to play the lead role of Chad, the roaming roustabout who brings color and love to a small, grey town.


“All Shook Up” is a jukebox musical with Engler as its star. With countless hours of practice, the department prepares to roll back the curtains on their opening night Oct. 27.


This musical is being directed under entirely new management and the cast is excited, as they have never done something like this before. The show is more than just a fun musical, as it refers to several current controversial issues such as interracial dating, cross-dressing, racism and spreads the message that love is love.


The new director Karen Ruth believes that Engler is the perfect person to play the lead role because of his charm and unflappability while in character.


“He has this genuine quality of happiness,” Ruth said. “He was the one that stood out because of his ability to build chemistry with his counterparts in the show.”


Along with the director making the critical call for Engler to play the significant role, his peers also believe that he is the best fit for the position.


“He has got the confidence, and I believe that the part was made for him,” senior co-star Avery Shultz said. “We have been good friends for a while, and that is why I believe Mrs. Ruth thought we were both the best to play the lead roles.”


With much practice, Engler looks to make this show one for the books as the date approaches. He has been a massive fan of Elvis Presley since he was little and felt that auditioning for the show was something he simply had to do. Although his fellow cast members believe that he possesses all the characteristics of Chad, he does not completely agree.


“Chad isn’t afraid to say anything, as I am, and he doesn’t care about what people have to say about who he is,” Engler said. “I’m very humbled to playing the lead role, and it’s really nice to have this responsibility.”