Two family-owned coffee houses, one question: Liberation Coffee Company or George Coffee + Provisions? (with video)

Molly McGill, Staff Writer

Liberation Coffee Company and George Coffee + Provisions are two popular coffee houses in a city dominated by teenagers looking for caffeine and a will to complete homework.

Liberation Co. seems like a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, yet it is a prime hangout spot for teens and adults looking to do some homework or just hang out.

Liberation Co. is almost a quarter the size of George, giving a more homey and relaxed feel, though the ambiance is not solely attributed to size, but the decor and people as well.

“Sometimes you go to Starbucks or you go to George and everybody’s screaming and there are like a million people in there but at Liberation, it’s so small,” Coppell High School senior Maggie Lazoroski said. “Not that many people can be in there so it does help. It’s a lot calmer.”

Liberation Co. is generally quieter in comparison to the socially bustling atmosphere of George.

“It’s just a good vibe,” said CHS freshman Lilly Gorman, a simple sentence that encapsulates why many regulars at Liberation Co. keep coming back.

On the other hand, George is a large, bright and light-hearted coffee house on the verge of instafame, due to the amount of pictures students take there.

Known for its aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, seeing Instagram photos of teenagers at George has become a regular occurrence on most CHS students’ Instagram feed, propelling George’s popularity and proving the importance and influence of social media.

“It’s really unique in this area because of the way it’s decorated, the way it’s laid out, the people that work there, and everyone’s really nice,” CHS sophomore Emma Hyden said. “It’s just a fun place to be.”

George and Liberation Co. could not be more different. George is a large, bright and outgoing coffee house, while Liberation is a smaller, darker and quieter coffee house.  

Therefore, the real winner is not in which is better overall, but which you prefer.

George and Liberation Co.  are two different coffee houses for different people looking for different experiences: if you want to go talk with friends, take cute pictures and organize a study group, George is the place. If you want to do work in a more relaxed environment that is more secluded, go to Liberation Co.