Coppell Public Library brings arts, community together at Open Mic event


Ale Ceniceros

Coppell resident Nicolas Garcia plays a jazz song on the clarinet while his daughter dances yesterday night at the Coppell Library. The Library will be hosting open mic nights the second Wednesday of every month.

The library, most commonly known as a place of silence – home to books, whispers and knowledge, should also be able to promote creative expression and talent.


This was the idea behind Open Mic Night hosted by the William T. Cozby Public Library on Thursday, at 7 p.m. The event worked as an outlet for all who desired to explore their talents and perform them.


Poets, comedians, singers and other performers occupied the once hushed corners of the library to take the mic and showcase their act.


“I loved the atmosphere tonight. It was very relaxed and everyone was here because they wanted to be – not because it was an obligation,” Coppell citizen and clarinet performer Nicolas Garcia said.


The night welcomed all types of performances, with all levels of experience. There were not many guidelines: only to perform something you love, keep it within five minutes and enjoy yourself.


“I’ve always been funny and I love writing so I like to see how that works on stage,” performer Barry Whitewater said.


Being the first time the event was introduced after library renovations, turnout was small but there was a unique energy that filled the room and brought arts and community together.


“Our goal, is really to get more performers, encourage more people to make use of the comfortable and open environment we have,” library technician Carlos Olate said. “I would love to expand the event in the future and have it at the amphitheater behind Town Center.”

The night closed with multiple encores, a round of applause and small chat among people who share one thing: passion.