Please, let them be good

By Wren Culp

Staff Writer

I am not interested in seeing any movies this weekend. Why you ask? Because all of them are going to be terrible.

Percy Jackson. A small rip off of Harry Potter and will be just a childish movie. No background knowledge behind it, and no fun whatsoever. Unless your 12. You can watch the trailer here.

Valentine’s Day. This movie has the potential to be excellent, considering it’s all star cast, but it’s a romantic comedy about a subject that has been buried alive so many times.You can watch the trailer here.

Now, here is one that I think will be amazing, just to counter-balance all of my hate. The Wolfman looks tremendous. You can’t go wrong with a good wear wolf story and a cast like that. You can watch the trailer here.

Well, that’s my two cents on movies that are really exciting to other people. They are not exciting to me.