Naviance eases college prep stress

by Ashley Attanucci
Staff Writer

As Juniors find senior year approaching, Naviance Family Connection serves as a great all-purpose tool for anything and everything related to college.

Earlier this year, students should have set up a Naviance account with their counselors and teacher -the username following the format of the student’s older school e-mail ([email protected]) and password (mm/dd/yy).

With the three main categories of college, career and “about me”, Naviance users can have access to information on upcoming college visits, scholarship opportunities, college maps; career choices and personality and interest tests; and history about you, the student.

With the “about me” feature, students can access their recorded favorite colleges, favorite careers, their personality type, resume, completed surveys, test scores and much, much more.

Further, the personal profile found on Naviance displays the student’s GPA and class rank, as of December ’09 and to be updated by the first of March.

The college research tool of the Web site allows students to look up colleges with ease(by name, by letter, by state or by country!) and then offers the school’s contact information, application deadlines, general information (like whether the school is private or public, how many students are enrolled…), blog posts from other users about that school, admissions qualifications, available majors and degrees, types of residences available, student organizations… the list goes on and on.

Naviance also offers free test preperation in math, critical reading and writing and offers a “quetsion of the day” to help keep students on track. It also offers a 13-week schedule guide with tips on how to raise your score on the SAT.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Naviance while you prepare for college.