Roh experiences holiday festival, enjoys small town charm

By Amy Roh
Student Life Editor


As I walk into Town Center Plaza, a Twinkie-colored Minion from “Despicable Me” greets me while dancing near the “Letters to Santa” booth. I am equal parts surprised, and slightly frightened.


However, the promise of Coppell’s very own holiday parade and festival urges me to continue exploring. Past the Minion, there are several booths set up with fresh popcorn, cookies and drinks. Residents walk around as they take pictures with a snowman, reindeer and various elves.


On Saturday, Coppellians celebrated the season with its annual holiday festival at Town Center Plaza. A “Storybook Holiday” themed parade, Christmas costumes, a tree lighting in the plaza, live music and free hot chocolate brought everyone together in a truly festive spirit.


As I walk down the stairs, I can see  the Joel Cross band playing “Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay”, its lead singer appropriately dressed in a bright white blazer.


“Hey girls!” a nearby parent says to my friends and I. “Don’t you want to take a picture with the snowman?”  


We try to oblige, but the person in the snowman costume is already walking toward us. It is too late now.


After taking a few awkward photos and listening to the band play, we grab our cups of hot chocolate and headed towards the parade.


As we settle into our spots, a familiar sound comes distantly from the end of the street.


In a burst of light, the Coppell High School band marches out and heralds the entrance of the parade with a rhythmic beat, followed by the CHS Lariettes. Each vehicle drives by with its own special flair, unique music, and most importantly, bright Christmas lights that illuminate the street.


One truck drives by with a mounted abominable snowman that waves hello,  while another comes with a set of passengers playing the marimba. Not only are there trucks and cars, but also a trail of cyclers who follow behind with Christmas lights woven into their bicycle spokes.


As I watch every vehicle pass, it truly feels like the whole town is coming together. The parade itself was a great way to spread holiday spirit, but also a fun way to see all of the diverse organizations within the Coppell community.


After the parade, everyone gathers at the plaza for the tree lighting ceremony, which is filled with “oohs” and “ahhs.” The plaza eventually fills up with festivities and residents that gather to ring in the holiday season.


It is surprising to think that I have lived in the Coppell area for 16 years, but have never joined in on any of its holiday celebrations. Usually, my days during Christmas season are spent in downtown or in neighboring cities. However, going to this year’s holiday festival in my Coppell gave me the perfect amount of small town goodness and community, that is unique with its own charm.

Check out a snippet of the parade: