Rough weather conditions, delays stall Cowboys in loss


Jamie Kimbrell, Staff Writer

Jamie Kimbrell
Staff Writer


The Coppell Cowboys not only faced a tough match, the Euless Trinity Trojans, but fought against another tough opponent; 3 inclement weather delays, ending in a Coppell loss 49-14.

The game was scheduled to kick off at 6 p.m. but did not begin until 6:15 p.m. due to weather delays during warm up. The delay not only set back kick off, but drenched the field, leaving it a slippery challenge to make plays.

“We told our kids from the start that we would face this, and would have to be ready for whatever situation comes about,” Coppell special teams coach Karl Pointer said.

4 minutes into the first quarter, lightning strikes in the area postponed the game for the standard UIL 30 minute delay. After 50 minutes of waiting, the Cowboys and Trojans returned to play.

7 minutes later, the game was delayed for the third time with 42 seconds left in first quarter, score 14-0 Trojans. Play did not resume for an hour from this delay due to lightning in the area. All the stoppage time made it hard for the Cowboys to keep their focus.

“We weren’t as warm and constantly having to go out and come back in didn’t really help the situation, so after warming up 5 different times, you become more fatigued and not mentally sharp as when you first go out,” senior offensive lineman Caleb Thompson said.

After the third delay, the Cowboys and Trojans were able to finish the first half. To make up for lost time, officials decided on a 1 minute halftime, then resumed to play. The game finally finished despite the weather conditions without another delay. The rain slowed towards the end of the third quarter, leaving the field wet and players sliding during plays; the game resulting in a rain attributed loss for Coppell.