New semester brings new changes

With exams coming to a close, the new semester is ready to begin. Coming with the semester are changes to schedules but also some changes in our school.

As the students at CHS know, there are classes at the school that only last one semester such as speech, advanced reading, P.E. classes, and many others that will be replaced by a different class at the end of the semester. Often this means going to classes where students don’t know many people and leaving behind friends in other classes. Lunch periods and core class periods are also subject to change as well.

“My lunch is changing and I’ve always thought that lunch is the hardest thing to change because it’s hard enough finding people to sit with on the first day, much less the middle of the year,” junior Megan Cooper said.

The switch from classes isn’t always all bad though. It opens up the opportunity to meet new people and learn something new. Though core classes can be hard to change out of, it can be a blessing to some if they were having trouble in the class before and can also mean the change from a required elective, to one that a student takes for fun.

“I’m really looking forward to switching from speech to creative writing because creative writing is a class I actually want to take instead of a class I’m required to take,” said Cooper.

Course changes aren’t the only things different about the new semester. Starting on Tuesday, January 19th, students will be allowed to bring their laptops to school in order to use in class for school work. Students will have access to the internet through either their Mac or Windows laptop.

“It’s really cool that we’re able to use our laptops at school now. It’ll definitely help with homework and projects that require the use of a computer”, said junior Lauren Mulvihill.

The change was announced to students earlier in the week, and once students get back from the three day weekend, they may potentially be caring a little more than purses and backpacks through the halls of the school.  Students at New Tech are already allowed to use laptops during class, and this new privilege for the students at CHS will provide them with a more technological learning experience.