FIRST robotics kickoff this Saturday

by Divya Kumar
News Editor

This Saturday, December 9th, kicks off the start of FIRST Robotics competition. Nationwide,  high school teams have the opportunity to begin preparing for the competition, which will take place six weeks later.

At the Kickoff, the CHS FIRST team can meet up with other teams around the area in order to compare notes, pick up the Kit of Parts, which contains the necessary components in order to build the robot, as well as getting to know other people in other schools and districts competing.

Over the course of the six month course, the FIRST group members will be asked to design a robot to fulfill certain required tasks at the competition without the aid of the team members. Along with this, the students are in charge of raising funds for providing for their preparation. Through FIRST, students have the opportunity to experience “real life” engineering skills as well as possibly winning scholarships up to $11 million.

To learn more about the FIRST time at the high school, talk to sponsor Grant Garner. To learn more about the FIRST program, click here.