Secrets revealed throughout CHS

With the upcoming holidays to celebrate, CHS finds itself spilling secrets and dishing information.

Although there are many aspects of the holidays to enjoy, my personal favorite is the Friday before break and the activities which take place. With delicious food to eat and fun games to play, this day is one of the best within the school year.

One of the things that makes this day great is the practice of Secret Santa and White Elephant. These two activities are not only a great way to get to know your peers, but provide students with a sense of fun and togetherness.

Of the many activities and organizations at CHS, several have planned to partake in these festivities. Ready, Set, Teach!, the Round-Up Yearbook, the Tennis teams, and a myriad of core classes are those among  those celebrating the fun and mystery of Secret Santa or White Elephant.

It’s not too late to grab a buddy, or a whole classroom of students, and put on an inpromptu gift giving activity. You never know what you’ll get!