Coppell High School elects class officers for 2014-15


By Sloane Samberson

Staff Writer

To run for any elected position, you have to withhold the qualities of a strong leader and complete the process of campaigning for votes. After creating posters, videos and buttons, 15 students were elected for next years class officers.

The 2014-15 class officers are:

Sophomore officers:

President: Eric Loop

Vice President: Ryan Storch

Secretary: Soundarya Daliparthy

Treasurer: Erin Dempsey

Historian: Ryan Macdonald


Junior officers:

President: Neha Purandare

Vice President: Taylor Stiff

Secretary: Taeeun Kim

Treasurer: Luke Conlon

Historian: Joseph Overman


Senior officers:

President: Coleman Loose

Vice President: Peter Leach

Secretary: Hailey Hess

Treasurer: Julia Olson

Historian: Mia Ford

 Running for class officer can become very competitive, especially when you are running against a friend.

“I knew I wanted to run for a position that came with a great deal of leadership and responsibility, and I knew I had no chance running against Coleman Loose,” junior vice president Peter Leach said.

The students elected will contribute to making functions at Coppell High School more enjoyable and affordable. They do this through fundraisers such as cookie dough sales or coupon cards.

“Each class sponsor does a class shirt and a class fundraiser with the grade level that they sponsor. That is the minimum expectation of all sponsors,” junior and senior class sponsor Shelly Redding said.

Sophomore class president Eric Loop already has big plans for his class.

“I want to continue raising money for prom and improving school spirit. I have a couple of ideas that we can use at pep rallies,” Loop said. “Maybe I can organize a couple other class-wide events like a three on three basketball tournament or an art show.”

The 15 officers look forward to everyone having a great school year next year. With only good intentions in mind, students should expect to see good changes throughout Coppell High School.

“I hope the officers of the 2014-2015 school year are able to work together and coordinate fundraisers that will benefit all classes so that everyone can have a fantastic year, ” Neha Purandare said.