Project Prom: organization makes sure everyone has Prom to remember

By Gabby Sahm

Staff Writer

Graphic by Jordan Taylor Bickham

Graphic by Jordan Taylor Bickham

Prom is a night every girl waits for. From picking out the perfect dress with high heels to match to finding that one guy to go with, prom night has turned into a right of passage for senior girls.

It is supposed to be a night they will never forget, and the Coppell High School Academies are making sure every girl can attend.

Project Prom is an academy run organization that helps all senior girls be able to attend prom, regardless of the cost. They accept prom dresses from previous seniors, or just dresses in general that girls can come pick from. Girls can choose from a variety of dresses, shoes and handbags that have all been gently used.

AP physics teacher Amy Snyder has taken over this year as the head of Project Prom. She is new to CHS, and wanted to get involved in school activities.

“I’m new on campus, but I really wanted to be involved in something,” Snyder said. “Plus I have a soft spot for prom.”

Academy teachers Shelly Redding, the senior sponsor, and Becky Richards, the keeper of the dresses, are both helping out with the accommodations for the dresses.

“I asked one for my students if they were going to prom, and she just shook her head. That’s when I knew I need to help, because seniors have to go to their prom,” Richards said. “I saw what Mrs. Redding was doing and knew I wanted to be apart of it.”

Richards has a room with many mirrors lining the walls, and areas for girls to try on dresses. Girls can come try on dresses between 7-8 a.m., and 4-5 p.m. as long as they scheduled an appointment. The appointments are private and made to be fun for all girls to come in and try on dresses.

“I have a storage room large enough to where girls can go in and change their clothes, and decide which is best for them,” Richards said.

Girls have many options if they want to donate a dress. They can either head over to Mrs. Snyder’s room, C104, or they can email her and find a convenient way to hand over the dress. They will start accepting dress monday, Feb. 3. Girls will be able to come and try them from Feb. 18- April 11. They will still accept dresses in between that time period.

Now, Project Prom will not accepting any dress that is carried through the door. They have certain rules and guidelines that must be followed for each dress. The dresses have to be gently used, meaning they can have no rips, holes or stains. They have to be cleaned before being donated as well. The same goes for any shoes or handbags being donated. Dresses must be school appropriate. They may be strapless, but not too short. If they are not school appropriate, they will not be accepted for donation.

No matter what side you are on, whether is be receiving a dress or donating one, there is one thing everybody can agree on. Project Prom is not only helping girls go to their prom, it is helping them make memories they will never forget.