Smile Texas Mobile Dentists coming to CHS

by Ashley Attanucci
Staff Writer

On December 14, Smile Texas Mobile Dentists will be visiting the high school for the first time.

Smile Texas is part of a mobile dentist program where dentists come to schools and provide preventive dental care on site. The program offers dental exams and screenings, cleanings, flouride and flouride varnish, radiographs and sealants all at reduced prices. All children, insured or not, are eligible for screening, and dental insurances are accepted. Grant assistance and partially subsidized dental care is available.

Smile Texas is strictly a preventative dental service. It requires that at least 10 students register before the mobile dentists visit a school. Only nine students registered from CHS, but since the dentists will be in the area on the 14th at Pinkerton, Smile Texas agreed to visit Coppell High afterward.

The clinic is still accepting new students for registration, so those interested in registering can pick up a form at the nurses office or talk to Nurse Beth Dorn.

“We do see quite a few students without insurance so something like this [mobile dentist service] can prevent decay and tooth aches, and the goal is to prevent any dental problems,” said Dorn.

The program usually offers an initial visit with six-month check-ups, but since Coppell High School currently does not have enough students registered to come back.

“[Visits] can happen twice a year if kids will take advantage of it,” said Dorn, and encourages students to utilize the opportunity.

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