Senior bid first semester goodbye, look ahead to second

Maddie Walters

Staff Writer

For 713 of CHS students, Winter break has never looked so promising. Not only has ‘senioritis’ officially kicked in, but with the close of the first semester comes the knowledge that there is only 36 school weeks separating them from their glorious (parental free) higher education.

For most seniors, winter break means time spent finishing the last of college applications and for some, receiving their first letters of acceptance. Personally, I was accepted to both of my top schools by the beginning of December thanks to early application. But for most students, acceptance/rejection letters will begin to flood mailboxes around March.

Another reason seniors love senior break is the guarantee of the class rank freeze. After first semester grades have been entered, a senior’s rank will freeze and for over-achiever’s the pressure is off. Well, for the most part. Seniors are still responsible for their GPAs, and it is advised that they make sure that their grades don’t fall down the path of senioritis due to the fact that several colleges have begun rejecting students who have already been accepted to their schools because they don’t want students who are not committed to their grades.

So, while the countdown to Winter break is ticking for all students, seniors especially wait on bated breath for the end of their last first semester of high school. If you’d like more information on your class rank or GPA, go to Naviance.