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Modern teaching methods not working for all students

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By Gabby Sahm

Staff Writer

Junior Jose Castillo takes notes with traditional pen and paper in Kevin Casey’s AP US History on Thursday.

Junior Jose Castillo takes notes with traditional pen and paper in Kevin Casey’s AP US History on Thursday.

There are many arguments on whether or not traditional or modern teaching is better. A lot of people like the hands on approach that traditional teaching offers, while others think that modern teaching should be introduced to our children. Either way, schools are starting to get an earful from parents on how their child is learning.


     In traditional teaching, teachers control what the students are doing. Students are putting pencil to paper instead of typing on computers. Teachers stand in the front of the classroom, give lectures and have the students take notes. I like teachers that use a more traditional way of teaching. They actually get more into helping me do good in school. During their lectures, I enjoy taking notes and really listening to what they have to say.


       Teachers often prefer the traditional way of teaching also. If a student is struggling with a lesson, it allows the teacher to see who is struggling, and what they are struggling with. Also if a student is not participating in activities or not doing their homework, it’s easy for a teacher to see, because the student won’t be scoring as high on their tests. I like that teachers can see what each student is struggling with. It helps me, because if other students are having the same problems as me then, the teacher can set up a tutorial based around the lesson.

            Now modern teaching is a lot different. Modern teaching is where students are given more control. Instead of a teacher standing in front of the classroom and giving lectures, students are told to go home, and learn about the lesson themselves. Once they have done that, they come back to class and do activities and homework.


           More schools are starting to switch to the modern way of teaching. Take Coppell High School for example. Every student that goes to Coppell High now has there own IPad. Now more teachers are starting to embrace technology.

           I don’t like the modern way of teaching, because technology isn’t my strong suit. I’ve never been fond of typing out essays and documents. Also technology doesn’t always work. Sometimes bugs and other viruses get on your computer, and cause it to shut off. What are you supposed to do then?


            Some teachers like the modern way of teaching for many reasons, though. If a student is told that they have to turn in an assignment by a certain time, and they don’t, teachers have a better way of seeing it now. When you turn in assignments online, there is always a time stamp that shows what time the document was turned in. Teachers will be able to see what students are turning in assignments on time, and which aren’t.


             There are many arguments saying that the modern way of teaching isn’t very effective, because teachers aren’t really teaching. Teachers often rely on the technology provided to teach the students what they need to know. Parents often argue that the teachers that use the style of modern teaching, aren’t really doing there job.


         I agree that teachers are relying more on computers and technology to teach the students. The teachers just expect the computer to teach everything to the student, but that doesn’t always happen. Students need to be taught by a teacher, in a classroom, for the information to stick.

      No matter what side you are on, we can all agree that times are starting to change. Now whether you are embracing that or fighting it is the real question.



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Modern teaching methods not working for all students