Embracing The Moment


Minnie Gazawada

Memories are one-of-a-kind moments that happen only once. The Sidekick staff writer Havish Premkumar thinks moments should be cherished while in the present to fully enjoy them. Graphic by Minnie Gazawada

Havish Premkumar, Staff Writer

Ah life, that privilege gifted from God, that gives you the innate ability to fully prosper and thrive in any way you desire.

It may have its shortcomings and overall off-putting moments but all around, that does not detract away from how life offers in a vast cornucopia of cherishable moments. Cherishable moments that can be spent in a diversified spree of ways, whether it’s being at the movie theaters, restaurants, theme parks, music concerts, sports events, or simply at one’s home, or how those cherishable moments can be spent and viewed with families and friends that you held a raw and genuine connection with.

However, in spite of how euphorically jubilating those cherishable moments in life are, there lies a dark truth to it all, being in the significant downside, in how those cherishable moments are poised to expire.

All those lively and vibrant moments are inevitably positioned to fade away permanently.

In this staggeringly dazzling time it is to be alive, especially within a duration of time like this newfound millennia, with the rampant technology evolving our landscape, that time will not last forever.

This is all ultimately reflective in the unavoidable reality of getting, being in how they can come at the unfortunate expense of completing losing those people, places and items near and dear to your heart.

This inevitability in getting older, is unflinchingly difficult to grapple with, but in actuality, people must not view the inevitability of losing the things that are near and dear to them, as a setback, but instead a reminder of sorts.

A reminder to embrace those temporary periods in your life before it all winds up dissipating into the abyss of time.

“The Fairly OddParents”, the season 4 episode of the show, “Channel Chasers,” centers around the hardships derived from growing older, mainly reflected by the main character Timmy Turner. He is shown to be overwhelmed with getting older, and his way of coping with that stigma, would be prompting his fairy godparents to grant him the wish of living in television for the rest of his life, out of the means to satiate his wish in never having to get older.

However, through confronting the insecurities in not wanting to grow up,Timmy realizes leaving his childhood behind is something he must face, in spite of the trials and tribulations that are bound to arise. However instead of abhorring that inevitability, Timmy shapes it into a driving philosophy, that philosophy to make the most out of his childhood before it inevitably dries up. 

Which all winds up culminating in a powerhouse of an ending scene, where we see Timmy Turner fully internalize the reality of getting older.

The journey Timmy Turner has undergone, is a journey I firmly believe nearly every individual must exhibit as well.

Where with every person, place or thing currently inhibiting their life, it will no matter what, crumble away.

I am a firm believer that the key way of remediating the intrusive inevitability of getting older, is to embrace the moment.

Assure that you are spending your time widely, with whatever and whoever, to the absolute best of your capabilities, to ensure those times are well spent.

Well spent in a way that will make those moments retroactively worthwhile.

Stop devoting the entirety of your time in perpetual solitude, but to instead utilize those times you are free to dedicate each and every one of your days to spend time with those things, places and people near and dear to you

Life is a highway, a highway that has an ultimate endpoint, but prior to reaching that endpoint, make sure that the ride you are currently in that highway, is embraced with such fenace and gratitude, and by the time the finish line is crossed, it’s all done and over with, you wind up feeling opted to say with a reassuring tone: “Well it’s sad that the end came, but on the bright side, though I at the very least took advantage of this moment and meaningfully prospered on it when I had the chance.

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