AP tests come first, homework second

By Tina Huang

Staff Writer


One of my friends went on a rant the other day about how stressed she was. She has five AP classes, all of which she is taking tests for. On top of that, teachers are still assigning homework. I know exactly how she feels. I am taking six myself. One of the most stressful parts about the first few weeks of May are the AP tests. Sure, we have been studying all year, but most likely much of the information are things that we have forgotten or have only briefly touched on. In fact, some topics have not even been covered. This stresses so many AP students to a great level.

These past few weeks should have been review for those taking the tests. More importantly, students should have the choice to review the way that they want. I understand the teachers who give reviews out for homework, and many times that helps. I also understand that it is necessary for some students to be assigned the work. But students study many different ways, and the fact that there are still homework assignments causes unneeded pressure for students to keep up their grades for.

I say that teachers should lay off on homework assignments perhaps two or three weeks leading up to the tests, unless it is something truly helpful towards increasing the score on an AP student’s exam.