One-Act plays sure to win more than one star

By Kristen Shepard
Staff Writer

Each year, the CHS theatre department puts on a variety of shows, from musicals to comedies to one act plays. Our extremely talented department this year will be offering a Night of One Acts. This night of short plays will be presented by the Broadway Bound Theatre class under the direction of Theatre Department head Lisa Tabor. Tuesday night, beginning at 7:30 p.m. the class will present two student-lead One Act Plays.

Head to the Black Box theatre to watch these plays, not the auditorium. The One Act Plays being presented will include “Waiting for Godot Guh-doe” and “The Actor’s Nightmare”. “The Actor’s Nightmare” takes the audience into the mind of an actor living his worst nightmare: forgetting his lines on stage and not knowing what to say. “Waiting for Godot Guh-doe”  is a complex, mystery that will leave the audience perplexed.

The tickets for this event are free. You heard it correctly, there is no cost for admission to the event and tickets will not be sold. However, to make sure you get a good seat, be sure to arrive to the event early. Doors will open at 7 p.m.