Simulated experience aims to prevent texting while driving

By Christina Burke
Features Editor

For students of this generation, the idea that texting while driving is a destructive decision has been reinforced into our heads since before we could get behind the wheel. The dangers are evident and easy to avoid, and still there is a 75 percent rate of teens who say texting and driving is common among their friends. Cell phone company AT&T has laid out a campaign to fix this problem.

With the launch of Texting & Driving – It Can Wait, AT&T has helped hundreds of students all over the country pledge to stop texting and driving. The campaign is stopping in Coppell this Thursday during all lunches. Students will have the chance to try out the ‘It Can Wait’ simulator- a chair with which they can experience the effects of texting and driving first hand. Students will also have the opportunity to share with AT&T what not texting and driving means to them for a chance to play basketball one-on-one with Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki.

Texting while driving is a very serious matter that could easily be prevented. To take the pledge against texting and driving, visit the It Can Wait website, where you can experience your very own texting while driving online simulator.