January SAT scores posted

By Mabry Culp
Staff Writer

Nervous juniors and seniors filled the halls today at Coppell High School as weeks of anxious waiting for SAT scores finally paid off.

Standardized test scores are a mandatory part of college acceptance. Along with GPAs, they are one of the most looked at parts of a student.

The tests are mandated by College Board, an organization dedicated to college preparation and college search.

To register for the test, students must have an account on College Board with a login and password, and that is where scores are found. For those who took the test in January, their brief score reports are now posted.

These scores are located under the SAT tab on the website, where there is a link to the report.

Score reports give the number out of 800 in the categories of critical reading, writing, and math. The writing section also shows what they scored on the essay, a number that is out of twelve, and how many multiple choice questions they answered correctly.

For more information regarding the SAT or score information, click here.