Sierra Club resumes club meetings

By Caroline Carter
Staff Writer

There is no question that Coppell High School has a huge variety of clubs and organizations on campus. For students interested in nature and environmental issues, the Sierra Club could be the perfect match for them.

As a national club with 1.3 million members, the Sierra Club is an extremely influential environmental organization. The club was founded on May 28, 1982 in San Francisco, CA, making the club over 31 years old. John Muir, who was a conservationist and preservationist, founded it. Muir Woods National Monument in San Francisco was named after Muir for his great impact in the environment.

Students that have a passion for helping the environment or want to improve the sustainability of CHS and Coppell are encouraged to attend the upcoming club meeting. Coppell’s chapter of the Sierra Club will meet on Feb. 13 after school in room E205.