Forward Learning

By Jordan Thompson
staff writer

Most students at Coppell High School will admit to struggling with at least one of their core classes. Whether it be english, science, or my most dreaded enemy of the education world-math. It takes self discipline alone to get tutoring when a student knows they need it, but often times it also requires money.

but what if a student can’t afford to pay a tutor-despite the fact that they are willing to put in the extra time to learn the material?

Dell is now sponsoring an alternative way for students to learn-without the pay-but with all the hard work. Forward Tutoring provides high school students free,online tutoring through a dynamic web platform—you pay for the tutoring by volunteering in your community.

There are two very important qualities colleges look for; educational success and the willingness to be active around your community. volunteer hours can be hard to collect when you aren’t already involved with some sort of charity-but with you have more reason to go out and find opportunities and get better grades. Essentially, you kill two birds with one stone!