8th grade students take a peek into CHS life

By Kristen Shepard
Staff Writer

Everyone at CHS has successfully made the transition from middle school to high school, and most students have discovered that the transition is not always smooth. New classes, new friends, new sports and new teachers can make the transformation quite daunting. Fortunately, 8th grade shadow days will be taking place next week to make the transition easier.

8th grade students from Coppell Middle Schools East, West and North will be bussed over to CHS on Feb. 5-7 to learn about the high school and experience the school in action. The Senior Leadership team, Red Jackets, will be giving tours to small groups of 8th grade students, and the freshman counselors will be giving a short presentation about course selection.

This day is very important for these 8th grade students. They will have a chance to learn about the dozens of clubs and activities they can be involved in here at CHS. So if students in the halls look a few inches shorter or look scared of their surroundings, they just might be our local 8th graders.