Local lockdowns revisit worries of gun control laws

By Christina Burke
Features Editor

While the country has been on edge about gun control laws since the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, two schools districts in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex were struck with terror today in yet another school shooting scare.

Both Arlington Lamar High School and several school in the Colleyville Independent School District went into temporary lock down today after receiving anonymous tips of potential danger.

At 8:40 a.m., a Lamar student reported seeing a student with a handgun, and the school took the precaution of locking down the school until further investigated. Their lockdown was lifted at 12:20 p.m. and resumed a normal school day.

In Colleyville, a Heritage High School student left an anonymous note warning that three students had guns and were prepared to do damage. The school district put all of its Elementary, Middle and High Schools in Lock down as a precaution in response to the threat. After further investigation, the lockdown was lifted, and the students were dismissed from school on time.

Now that the negative aspects of limited gun control laws have been seen locally, the concern of public safety has become more apparent. Reassuringly, School Resource Officers in Coppell ISD are doing everything they can to make sure the students remain safe at all times.