Coppell holds annual Turkey Drive

By Amanda Peck
Staff Writer

November is an exciting month for students at Coppell High School, considering that the end of the year is creeping up, bringing along with it the winter breaks that students crave.  November is also the time when schools in Coppell hold the annual Turkey Drive.

 This year, the Turkey Drive will be held on Friday, Nov. 20. Students will get the opportunity to bring turkeys with them to school in the morning and there will be places to drop them off at the two main entrances at CHS. All of the elementary, middle and high school students are participating in the event and are highly encouraged to bring turkeys with them to school on Friday.

“I think the Turkey Drive is a great idea for all the schools in Coppell to do,” senior Kelly Winkle said. “It is a way to ensure that people who are less fortunate can enjoy a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. I bring turkeys almost every year, and I will definitely be bringing one this year since it is my senior year.”

The turkeys that are collected at all of the schools will go to The North Texas Food Bank. The food bank collects money and food donations throughout the year, but since many people are not aware of this, the Turkey Drive is a great way to get students to donate what they can.

“My Ready, Set, Teach! second grade class at Denton Creek last year went on a field trip to The North Texas Food Bank,” senior Karli Reichert said. “We were able to see what goes on there on a daily basis and the students were able to see what a food bank was. They thought it was interesting since most of them had never been to one, or even heard of one, before.”

Students may bring however many turkeys they desire to the turkey drive. Teachers and faculty really push students to participate in the event, but no one is required to bring a turkey.

“No one is required to bring a turkey to the turkey drive,” Ready, Set, Teach! director Shelly Redding said. “However, there will be many competitions and prizes for those that bring the most.”

Since there are few opportunities for all of the schools in Coppell to be able to make donations to any kind of charity, students are encouraged to bring a turkey for the Turkey Drive.