Annual nativity shown at St. Ann Catholic Parish


By Shannon Wilkinson

Staff Writer

Every year St Ann Catholic Parish puts on their annual Live Nativity during the weeks leading up to Christmas. The nativity has been around since the early 1990s and has always been an event that brings the Coppell community together.

“The main purpose of the Live Nativity is to help people remember the real reason of the Christmas season, which is our savior’s birth,” St. Ann youth director Mike Leminger said.

Weeks of planning go into coordinating and setting up scenery outside of the Church. As well as setting up times for all the S.A.Y (St. Ann Youth) groups to get their chance to perform. A group at the church named The Men’s Club is responsible for receiving the scenery and making it look like the actual scene of the stable where he was born.

“It was really fun to play a shepherd all five times I performed and I got to hold the leash to one of the real sheep we work with,” sixth grader Michael Tierney said.

St. Ann parishioners enjoy being able to put on a production anticipated each year by the children. It is a great opportunity for kids around the ages of 3 to 5 to learn the story of the time leading up to Jesus’ birth and the actual birth.

“It attracts more younger kids than anyone else, so it is a definitely a family event.  The live animals always attract crowds and many people have turned it into a family tradition,” Leminger said.

Middle school kids participating in the Live Nativity program are required to show up early to get ready for their roles. They are allowed the opportunity to choose who they want to be. If a major role is wanted they are given that opportunity as well as a small role.

“I liked being able to be a shepherd, an angel and a wise man because it gave me the chance to change it up,” sixth grader Nicholas Arispe said.

Final performances are Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday after five p.m. mass and on Sunday right after four-thirty p.m. mass.

“All of us performing were really excited to be able to share the story of how Jesus was born, since that is what we’re learning too. I can’t wait to do it again next year,” Tierney said.