“No Shave November” comes to a close this week

By Will Thomas

Staff Writer

Yes, after weeks of students growing out their facial hair for “No Shave November” most will finally shave it off on Saturday, December 1. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, many students, male and female, put down the razors for the month of November, to grow out their beards, mustaches, leg hair etc. The real question is: Why do they do it? A similar idea called “Movember” is just for mustaches, and participants may continue to shave the rest of their face however they please. “Movember” is used to promote awareness for men’s prostate cancer. If you are able to grow out your facial hair enough, it can fill the need of a scarf. Surprisingly, it makes a great icebreaker at Thanksgiving with your extended family. Nothing starts a conversation like unfamiliar facial hair. If you are just now becoming able to grow out your facial hair, it’s interesting to see how it comes out by the end of the month. If you grow attached to your new look and do not want to shave on December 1, then you can always do “Don’t Shave December” and keep it all growing. If you want to learn more about the November tradition, look here.

Did you participate in No Shave November? Did it turn out well and will you do it again? Leave your comment down below.