Petition for Texas secession gains national attention

By Jay Carroll
Staff Writer

After the reelection of President Barack Obama, many Americans have started petitions in their state to secede from the union, while many states have petitions, not as many have exploded as much as the petition that was started for the state of Texas to secede.

The petition, that was started in the “We The People” section of the White Houses website, has now gained over 104,000 signatures, all trying to get the state of Texas to secede from the union. The petition has officially gone way over the total number of signatures (25,000) in order for the White House and federal government to address this issue, although, the president has not yet addressed the secession petition. While there are many petitions to secede from the union,  there are also a good amount of cities that have started petitions to leave a certain state, if that state were to secede from the United States.

Around the time of the election, some Coppell High School students were tweeting about why Texas should secede from the union, and it grabbed a lot of attention from other students, sparking large arguments over the social media site Twitter. The petition is still gaining signatures and is drawing a lot of national attention, and yes, even people from Coppell support the idea of secession.