Students aspire to donate 600 turkeys come Thanksgiving


Graphic By Sophie Nauyokas

By Kristen Shepard
Staff Writer

Each year, as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, a spirit of thankfulness and charity spreads across Coppell. Around this time, the Public Service Academy at Coppell High School leads the school in a turkey drive.

With temperatures usually in the mid 40s and 50s, PSA students bravely wait outside by the parent drop-off loop and student parking lot to collect frozen turkeys for the needy. In the years past, this drive often gets forgotten in the shuffle of the holiday season, but this year, students are anticipating a successful collection, as tweets  are already going out spreading the news.

The school has set a goal to collect a minimum of 600 turkeys this year on November 16. The drive will end around 8:30 a.m. and turkeys will be shipped off to the North Texas food bank. Turkeys must be frozen, and are available at most grocery stores in abundance around mid-November. Be sure to check out wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club for discounts.

In a town like Coppell, student do not always realize that the needy are not always sick or homeless, sometimes, families just need a little help making ends meet around this time of year. Providing canned donations or food of any kind can have a huge effect on a families Thanksgiving experience, and that is what the holiday is all about.